Frequently asked questions

How do I download and use the app?

The app can be downloaded for your iphone, ipad, or adroid device or tablet by accessing the Apple App store or Google Play. Once downloaded, users can simply create a free account to access all of our free resources for residents.

How do I win or get points?

We have many opportunities to gain points that will allow you to be entered to win one of many prizes we have monthly. Earn points by completing a workout, reading an article, watching a video or making a recipe. The options are endless to earn points towards some amazing prizes like tshirt, gift cards, fitbits, and more!

What if I lose my password?

Simply click the ""Forgot my Password" link on the home screen to issue a new one.

Is Healthy Bridgeport really created by local individuals?

Yes! Healthy Bridgeport's plan as well as app was envisioned and created by local residents who care about the health and wellbeing of our community. Read more about our team here

Can anyone use the app or do I have to be in Bridgeport?

Anyone is welcome to use the app! We are targeting the Bridgeport community first as we get our feet wet with this, but if you’ve stumbled across the app and you don’t live in Bridgeport, feel free to stay and try it out! We hope to roll it out more officially beyond Bridgeport at some point in the future.

What about the other parts of the plan – Community Activities, the Challenges and the 5K Festival?

More info will be coming on those aspects soon, so stay tuned to the app, website and Facebook for more information.

What about people that can’t access the app or aren’t app users?

We have a website too! Checkout